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Photo studio






It is 190m of a very bright surface, perfectly adapted for film and advertising production as well as photo sessions

(possibility of total blackout).


When designing the studio, we focused on the maximum functionality of the facility and professional equipment.

Careful use of space allows a variety of arrangements, from open space to creating small photo scenes.

In one of the corners of the studio we have built a large cyclama, ideal for film and photo production.

In the second part, for traditionalists, we hung cardboard photographic backgrounds from which you can walk away for over 10m.

It is possible to use sunlight. We have a large window area on one of the walls, which gives fantastic results, both in photos and in film.


Duplex studio:


- level 1

three shooting stands:

  • cyclama 4 mx 4 mx 5 m

  • 2.75 m wide studio scrolling system (10 meters length - 5 meters high)

  • room arrangement 2 mx 3 m 2.5 m


- level 2 (part A)

  •   2 visage stands

  • client computer area

  • recreation area (TV Sat, WiFi with fast internet - symmetrical connection)


- level 2 (part B)

  • 6 hotel arrangements




Permanently available on site:




Canon 5DsR body (deposit)

Canon 5D Mark III body (deposit)




Canon EF 24-70 F 2.8 II USM (on deposit)

Canon EF 85 F 1.2 L II USM (on deposit)

Canon EF 135 F 2.0 L USM (on deposit)

Canon EF 70-200 F 2.8 L IS II USM (on deposit)




rental price: PLN 300/6 hours (camera with any 1 lens)

Rental of a camera and lenses is possible after paying a deposit (PLN 4,000) and signing the loan agreement.

Cameras and lenses are not standard equipment of the studio and are available for a fee only within the studio, after prior ordering.

I reserve the right to refuse to rent a camera and lenses.


As the only studio in Lodz we work on the equipment:














Profoto lamp:


Profoto D2 AirTTL Monolight 1000 x 3 New with Freeze Mode 20 flashes per second! Minimum flash time 1/50000

Profoto D2 AirTTL Monolight 500 x 2 New with Freeze Mode (motion freezing) 20 flashes per second! Minimum flash time 1/63000

Profoto D1 500 AIR x 1

Profoto Generator Acute2R 2400 x 2

Profoto Generator AcutePro 1200 x 1

Profoto Acute D4 Head 2400Ws x 5

Profoto CPP ComPactPlus Special Monolight 1200 x 2


Profoto Reflector:


Profoto Giant Reflector 240cm Silver x 1

Profoto Giant Umbrella Silver 210cm 7 Foot x 1

Profoto Front Diffuser 1 f-stop 210 for 7 Foot x 1

Profoto Front Diffuser 1/3 f-stop 210 for 7 Foot x 1

Profoto Softlight Reflector White 65 Degrees (beauty dish) x 1

Profoto Widezoom Reflector x 1

Profoto Narrow Beam Reflector x 1

Profoto Zoom Reflector x 5


Profoto Softboxes:


Profoto Softbox RFi 1x6 "Strip (30 x 180 x 56 cm) x 2

Profoto Softbox RFi 4 "Octa (120 x 40 cm) x 1

Profoto Softbox RFi 2 x 3 '(60x90 cm) + Stripmask x 1

Profoto Softbox HR 3 x 4 '(90 x 120 cm) x 2

Profoto Softbox HR 3 x 4 '(30x180cm) x 1


Profoto other:


Profoto Head Extension Cable - 7.5m x 2

Profoto Speedring Adapter RFi x 5

Profoto Speedring adapter for Bowens x 4

Profoto Barndoor x 1

Profoto Color Gel Starter Kit (10 colored gel fitry - 5 corrective and 5 effective with a frame for mounting on D2 lamps)

Profoto Air Remote TTL-C - controller for Profoto E-TTL II lamps (works only with Canon)



Profoto pricelist:


√ D2 AirTTL Monolight - PLN 300/6 hours (one lamp with any modifier included in the price) (deposit PLN 5,000)

√ D1 500 AIR - PLN 200/6 hours (one lamp with any modifier included) (deposit PLN 2,000)

√ Acute2R 2400 PLN 400 generator / 6 hours (one generator with 2 heads and 2 any modifiers included) (deposit PLN 5,000)

√ Profoto CPP ComPactPlus Special Monolight 1200 - PLN 200/6 hours (one lamp with any modifier included)

Profoto Giant Reflector 240cm Silver - PLN 300 / day (spherical umbrella, two lengths of basket mounting)

Profoto Giant Reflector 210cm Silver 7 Foot - PLN 200 / day (parabolic umbrella with diffuser and two basket lengths)

√ Profoto Air Remote TTL-C (CANON) - PLN 100/6 hours


Profoto equipment is not available for standard studio rentals.

                                                     Rental of Profoto is possible after paying the deposit and signing the loan agreement.



As professionals, we focus on quality, that's why you will only find professional equipment:


Manfrotto 087 NW Wind Up - Professional tripod 3.80m + wheels with brakes

Manfrotto 025BSL Super Boom - Single section boom 270cm long

Manfrotto 670BU - Professional lighting stand 4.77m + wheels with brakes

Manfrotto MAA4050CS / A700 - Avenger Steel Boom Professional lighting stand 5.00m + wheels with brakes x 2

Manfrotto 055XPROB - Photographic tripod

Manfrotto 055CB - Photographic tripod

Manfrotto 1004BAC Master x 3 - Lighting stand

Manfrotto 322RC2 - pistol head

Manfrotto H1200M - Avenger Butterfly 360 x 360 plus screen White Single Net and Black Commando

Manfrotto H2508 - Avenger Butterfly 240 x 240 plus Soft Diffuser Light (Light Grid)

Manfrotto D200B - Avenger Grip Head (Chrome) D200 x 4

Manfrotto ML244N - Magic Arm 244 RC2 x 2

Manfrotto ML035 - Super Clamp x 4

Manfrotto LL LB8878 - Lastolite HiLite Background 2.5 x 2.15 m (illuminated background)

Manfrotto MB LBAG110



Studio lamps:

Quantuum Fomex HD 1000Ws x2 - with a very strong -1000W modeling bulb from Osram (constant light)

Quantuum Fomex HD 400Ws x2 - with strong - 650W Osram modeling light bulb (constant light)

Quantuum T800 x 1

Quantuum 300Ws x 1


Continuous lighting:


Arri 650 Watt Plus Tungsten Fresnel + dimmer x 2


Flo 2GF-X230 Gaffer DMX) x2

2 x 4Bank luminaire (4 fluorescent lamps 120 cm 3200K and 5500K True Match)
2 x 4Bank Select / DMX ballast
2 x MTP-BL41 mount with small cap (16mm)
2 x extension cable, 7.5 meters

2 x Raster



Quantuum Okta - 120cm
2 x Quantuum Softbox - 120 / 80cm
2 x Quantuum Softbox - 80 / 30cm

3 x Quantuum Softbox - 180 / 30cm
1 x Quantuum Softbox - 80 / 60cm
Beauty Dish (55cm) white - with or without a honeycomb

Beauty Dish x 2 (45cm) white & silver with or without a honeycomb


Folding panel diffuser 150x200cm

Reflecting screen on a rigid 4in1 frame, 4 colors 80x100cm x 2

Black reflective screens (blacks) x 2

Tripods x 15

C-stand 290cm lighting stand

"BOOM" arm x 3


Gates, Streumienica, Transparent and reflecting umbrellas, Canopies, Reflectors ,

Color filters - set (6 colors) x2
Blends of all types and sizes


iMac 20 '

MacBook Pro Retina with the possibility of connecting any camera (illustrative during the session)



I nne:

Profoto Air Remote TTL-C trigger

Pocket Wizard Plus III trigger

Pocket Wizard Plus X - x6 receivers

Powerlux FW-1 trigger

Powerlux FW-1B x 4 receivers

Light meter - Sekonic L-758DR

Heavy smoke generator

High power windmill

Ironing board, iron

Internet wifi (symmetrical connection)

tv sat

coffee, tea, water, cola - free

Renting studies:

We do not rent studios for hours.

Photo day: 8h - 500 PLN - each subsequent hour started + 50 PLN

Cleaning fee - PLN 50

Rewind of the metro current paper background - PLN 40

Cyklorama painting (white) - PLN 100

Assistant - PLN 40 / h
On weekends, holidays, 30% of the price should be added to the rental rate.

We offer help during the session or lead it completely. The cost and scope of assistance is determined individually with the client.

People who have never had contact with studio equipment are requested to inform when booking.


Clients signing up to us for the first time as well as people who did not appear in sessions before or canceling them at the last minute will be asked to make a prepayment for the booked session.
(We wait 3-4 days from the day of booking to prepay).
If no payment is made within the above deadline, the session will be automatically canceled.

On the day of the session, the amount paid is deducted from the service.
*** the prepayment will be forfeited when the session fails or is canceled on the day of the session.




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